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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Standing there, he was...mind wandering this way and that...enjoying the experience of a warm summer's evening, golden glow of sunset across the river, listening to the closing bars of a plantive blues tune being pumped out of the park's sound system. Gently, oh so very gently at first, he felt the whisper touch or a pair of hands slipping around his sides from behind. Under normal circumstances, alone at the riverfromt, lost in thoughts "her" he would have been startled and afraid, panicked, even, to sense a pair or hands, then arms slipping around his waist. But these lovely limbs, gliding so soft and sensous around him from behind, hands slowly drifting up to caress his chest, then drawing him close to the warm welcoming curves against his back, were so hypnotic, that Jason could have no reaction other than complete surrender to the moment.

She purred a throaty note in his ear, then spoke so softly, Jason was not sure at first if he was imagining or truely hearing, "Forces we will never be able to understand, have drawn us together. I saw you standing here, silhouetted in the firey sunlight, and I was overcome. Don't reject me."

As her embrace loosened then metamorphosed into a pair of wonderous hands generously kneading his shirtless back muscles, Jason slowly began to gather his senses. Turning, as if rotating on a slowly spinning pedestal, her hands now resting on his naked chest, Jason found himself gazing into the deepest, most alluring green eyes he had ever seen. He felt entranced, at once dreaming yet vibrantly awake and alive. "Jesus," was all he could manage to say.

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that was like drinking three double espresso's....as my heart pitter-patters away!

heyy, vinnie, thanks -- a 3x double post :)

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! i take exception to that -- they only just met -- give em a chance ;)

Well someone was frisky this morning!

heh! somedays, imagination's all ya got and you just go with it ...

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