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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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one more from massachusetts...

this pic shows an overview of the quabbin reservoir through a misty rain
some of the trees in the area are just beginning to change color

my cabin is on the watershed for the quabbin and for this reason (although i didn't need a building permit for the cabin at the time i began construction) i did have to get a permit for and have inspected, when built, the privy (or outhouse) -- the outhouse, i might add, is no longer in use :)

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Aye--there's the rub...

...but the hook is the other kind.

(Um, speaking of bodily parts, did mountains get in the way of your voice-mails today?)

yes...part of the wholly union

and mountains did indeed get in the way; not wishing to uproot nature by moving them, i went around and was in turn moved by the v-ms

Re: the sacred rub...



*hugs you tightly*

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