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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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one more from massachusetts...

this pic shows an overview of the quabbin reservoir through a misty rain
some of the trees in the area are just beginning to change color

my cabin is on the watershed for the quabbin and for this reason (although i didn't need a building permit for the cabin at the time i began construction) i did have to get a permit for and have inspected, when built, the privy (or outhouse) -- the outhouse, i might add, is no longer in use :)

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I'm thinking it reminds me of forest cleavage, of sorts. As if the trees take one to their bosom--in the most nurturing sense, of course.

Most scenic.

..and yet...i sense a certain dampness...

Dampness inspired by--you?

the doctrine of inspirational dampness is one of the basic tenets of my spirituality...wood you like to cum to one of my prayer meetings?


Baptize me in your font of wisdom and heel my tired sole. I love your footrubs...;)

yes, sister, foot rubs are our means of communion...

Aye--there's the rub...

...but the hook is the other kind.

(Um, speaking of bodily parts, did mountains get in the way of your voice-mails today?)

yes...part of the wholly union

and mountains did indeed get in the way; not wishing to uproot nature by moving them, i went around and was in turn moved by the v-ms

Re: the sacred rub...



*hugs you tightly*

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