Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

opportunity to vegetate was lost...

..sooo, i went to the 'effort' to go pick up not one but 2 videos (just in case) and found that neither one would play--either both tapes were defective (odds, anyone?), the vcr is toast, or i was inadvertantly pushing the tape into the toaster -- well, no matter the cause, no settin' and turning into a vegetable for me.....ah but fortunately I have the key to escape reality (well, sorta and appologies to john prine)--i had the wisdom to stop and buy some ice cream on the way home :) -- so hah! not potato for me, no siree, i go directly to lard-ass -- one bowl down and rest of the carton to go -- maybe i should go hunt up some slash or smut on the web to read while i pig out on the remainder of the half gallon of gut enhancer -- who will save me from my base proclivities?
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