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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i just discovered on reading the news of yesterday that a tornado blew by here -- guess i was oblivious -- are we back in kansas?

the 8 windows have been completed and i'm thinking i will head up to massachusetts tomorrow morning for a few days of cabin work -- install windows, cut firewood, clean up debris, work on this and that -- this means i will be away from the 'puter and lj for a bit :( -- but will be updating on my return

lots of shit to get ready today -- why didn't i do some of these things earlier (new chainsaw chain, gather tools and eqpt, etc) -- i dunno :)

here's another sketch from the pen&paper journal days (or did i already post this?? hope not):

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Haven't seen this one. Until now...

uh--lotta wood, though...;)

uhh, yup there is a lotta wood here in the amherst area too -- gotta go cut some more outta the way -- a territorialy thing, ya know :)


Precisely how MUSH territory have you conquered of late, Mr. Pioneer?

I love seeing these!
Keep sharing!

thanks, vickie, that's nice to hear, and i will -- may even do a few new ones, ya never know

Ed, the name is changed. Please add.

thanks col, it has been done :)

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