Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

the why dept...

..if walmart can sell a sanyo 20" flat-screen tv for $148.72 (don't forget the 72 cents!) why does a 17" f-s monitor clock in at twice that (or more)--no, don't bother to answer -- but also on the walmart subject (why am i reading walmart ads?), how'd you like a nice 8-foot inflatable halloween pumpkin for $38.82 to add to your collection of front yard art -- you can place it right next to the rusted out fridge on the hood of your grandfather's demolished '37 pontiac/weed planter -- or feel like you lost out in life 'cause you didn't get to an ivy? how 'bout a custom class ring from $69.97 -- maybe an r/c hummer for $99.62 (no, we won't go there)

i think i've seen enough -- shower time -- i have a 10:30 appt with denistry

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