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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the why dept...

..if walmart can sell a sanyo 20" flat-screen tv for $148.72 (don't forget the 72 cents!) why does a 17" f-s monitor clock in at twice that (or more)--no, don't bother to answer -- but also on the walmart subject (why am i reading walmart ads?), how'd you like a nice 8-foot inflatable halloween pumpkin for $38.82 to add to your collection of front yard art -- you can place it right next to the rusted out fridge on the hood of your grandfather's demolished '37 pontiac/weed planter -- or feel like you lost out in life 'cause you didn't get to an ivy? how 'bout a custom class ring from $69.97 -- maybe an r/c hummer for $99.62 (no, we won't go there)

i think i've seen enough -- shower time -- i have a 10:30 appt with denistry

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LOL... the first comment in my friends section - before I even have my first cup of coffee... LOL too much thinking for me. Is it time for me to get out there and put up the halloween stuff????

put up the halloween stuff...

..depends on your neighborhood, i would say; caspers have been peeking from behind objects in this area for some time now (so far, i've never had a sighting before the start of school, though)

if you're the first to "decorate," tongues may wag like, 's/he really pushes the season, doesn't s/he?' -- if you wait till the day before halloween, you get labeled a crotchety ol' person who hates kids (god forbid!)

well, times a-wastin' i gotta get over to w-m and grab a few giant inflatables before they're all gone...

Pardon the Stupidity, Butt...

What's an RC Hummer?

Because at THAT price, it must be GOOD!

Who's Her Daddy,
the humpster

Re: Pardon the Stupidity, Butt...


it's either a Remote/Control hum vee (the go anyplace, do anything vehicle that costs about as much as a small house) or Really/Cool (humming) oral sex -- knowing what we do about w-m, i think we can safely guess which it is ...

Re: Pardon the Stupidity, Butt...

Uh--we CAN?

Remember, we have hookers at White Castle's here.

Neither easy--nor cheap,

The answer is simple...the place is run by
bombastic simpletons!

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