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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Parleys Canyon, Utah

i know, i know, these are big files -- but i just couldn't make myself shrink 'em any more

train heading east to meet the sun

as light kisses the tops of the canyon walls

here comes the sun...

keerist...maybe ya just hadta be there.....

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Oh. . .I remember those mountains. . .Sooo beautiful.

they are, they are...

we had stopped in wyoming the night before and the timing worked out just perfect to get us to the summit at sunrise (with a few minutes to spare :) -- and then that train came climbing up and over

we did a small hike to get up higher and it was like being on top of the world with with toy cars, trucks and trains below...

oh, and btw, i like your new icon :)

Re: they are, they are...

That's so cool. I'd like to take a trip to see all of the midwest sometime.

oh, and btw, i like your new icon :)

Thanks! ;-)

Isn't nature amazing? The States' geography is so interesting too--so very varied and scenic.

LOL. My first impression was the "bumper-to-bumper" traffic and I thought "who the hell would want to travel that NOW, let alone in WINTER!" Hahah.

How absolutely cool that you zeroed in on the train's engine and all the cars that followed.

Most interesting--thanks for sharing!

cool that you zeroed in ...

heh! well well, if it's zeroing in that fires your boiler:

Re: cool that you zeroed in ...

I LOVE this!

Almost prophetic that it also references both the words "union" and "Pacific", wouldn't you say?

(P.S. Got any tunnels you'd like to see this speeding powerhouse traverse? *snort*)

Re: cool that you zeroed in ...

nothing beats a pacific union, unless maybe a frantic union ;)

Re: cool that you zeroed in ...

Methinks I hear helmets crashing?

Re: cool that you zeroed in ...

with a clashing and a crashing in a kinda runic rhyme...bells ringin', even

Re: cool that you zeroed in ...

Pass the runes; I love stones of epic proportions while peals of ding-dongs abound...

these are perfect!

if you are ever near waves, you must take pictures!

Re: if you are ever near waves

funny you should ask -- check your lj e-mail for 2 wave attachments :)

Re: if you are ever near waves

try aynotrats@aol.com


Oh, yes..those are wonderful. Oh how I've missed your pictures.

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