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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Wow. . .these are really amazing pics. They make anyone want to go there! ;-)

thanks so much -- the pix just can't do justice to the sights

wait till you see the sunrise shots at the summit coming through Parleys Canyon on I80 heading to Salt Lake City!

Ohhhh. . .I've been to SLC. Despite the abundance of Mormons, it's gorgeous there.

yup, beautiful valley -- i went to school at the u of u

People say that's the most boring, lifeless place in the US, but something draws me to those pics. Maybe how lonely and quiet it looks.

I think I could make due there.
(these are lovely pics, also. great job!)

thanks, stacey

wyoming's a pretty big place -- yeah, it is kinda desolate along here but up around the tetons, jackson area, it's completely different...

and i thought i lived in the middle of nowhere! pretty pictures, though....looks like a good place to roll around.

Re: groovy rocks.... ;p

groovy rocks....and a good place to roll around ....

of course, only you would say something like that :)

and if you think that's a bit in the middle of nowhere, here's special post just for you

Re: groovy rocks.... ;p

i guess i really DON'T live in the middle of nowhere... i'm surrounded by trees--so it's hard to tell, sometimes. ;p

trees are our friends

Wow--I've Heard of Grand Tetons, but...heh!

I'm especially taken with the last photo. Look at that incredible collection of crevices and sheer tonnage of rocks.

The second one is so colorful--and there's an eerie quality to the third one--as if time stood still during the colonial era. Wow. Would love to see all this one day in person.

Got some Grand Tetons herdamnedself,

Re: Grand Tetons herdamnedself...

..showme your rocks, i'll showya mine ;)

Re: Grand Tetons herdamnedself...

They're heavy--they're muh sisters!

LOL. ;)

Beautiful..what a wonderful trip you had.

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