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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..yes, they've been waiting for me and now it's their turn -- i hate to have to sit down and write out a buncha checks all at once, but i haven't been keeping up and now's the time ... sigh...

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EDDIEEEEIEIE!!! where have you been!? :)))) tammy misses eddie! :D

where have you been...

..tammy, i'm not sure :) -- but i sure have fallen out of touch, i'm sorry -- i just found this comment from you and it's waayyyy old -- i hope things have been going well with you -- i sooo need to catch up...

I know how you feel. I am in Japan right now and my sister sends me my mail once a month. So I get everything all at one time and its a pain to sit there and open about 30 envelopes of nothing but bills - not to mention down right depressing.

in japan and still having to deal with the depressing bills from home...wahhhhh

I vote for a better designed universal envelope, too. Half the time you can't even get the fuckers open--or cut yourself in the process.

Maybe instead of tearing them open to reveal the contents, they could invent one we recieve that we can LICK and get a chocolate surprise or something.

Sure beats it being so one-sided for the receiver, anyways...

much as 42 is, chocolate can also be a universal answer

Code for "love ya"?

*waiting for that hormonic kickback*

according to d adams in the hitchhikers guide, 42 is the answer to the questions surrounding birth, death and a whole fucking lotta other stuff :) -- 'course it's also my birth year

I vote for "a hole lotta fucking other stuff"--especially a dipstick.

Yeah--you can quote me. OR, hold it against me--puleeze...

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