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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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chicago...the water

chicago skyline at sundown from lake michigan

sunset sail near lighthouse at mouth of chicago river

from the lock, returning to chicago river

view from the river near sun-times building

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thanks laura, i 'preciate that :)

hey! had enough summer fun and frolic? i hope so, 'cause the fall grind is ready and waiting fer ya...hehee -- hope you have a great year, hon; god knows, you sure deserve it ;-)

VERY nice, Sweetums!

These could be postcard material. Good placement of light, too.

postcards from the edge...

..of lake michigan, that is -- thanks, you're verra nice

btw: i'm acquainted with trucker's arm...is there sucha thing as trucker's foot?

Re: postcards from the edge...


Well, it's a bitch finding shoes to fit--not to mention nylons...;Þ

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