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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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8:30 am, the pix from the "chicago convention" have been loaded to the pc but this 'road trip' icon with the sun setting behind me as i drove east through the pennsylvania mountains last night 'round 8pm, is all ya get to see for now--what? you expected me to stay up all night fiddling around sizing pix...ha! but i'll post a few shortly--but first, coffee :)

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thanks, col -- "lucky light" shot

yes, it is....i love the look on your face--

and the sunlight...so calming...

thanks, gina -- i think that might be my 'glazed, only 200 miles to go' look :)

Where's the Lucky Vibrator with Ear Plug™ attachment?

Or, do you save that only for art museums?

*dies laughing at the memory of you arguing with the Nazi art-guard*

i was NOT arguing with the guard...i just was curious as to which part was "over the rope" -- personally i think he was a bit over the edge himself but was no doubt just doing 'is job as he understood it

Well, WE saw him grab his walkie-talkie and finger his 'cuffs.

So, naturally , we did what any friends would do--aimed our cameras toward the action... *snicker*

Uh--BTW--which of yer 2000 parts WERE over the rope? ROFLMAO.

Re: finger his 'cuffs

..is that where they always keep their cuffs? odd, eh?

Re: finger his 'cuffs

Have you ever heard of the Penile Cuff that is used to register blood flow?

I just thought of that...

..sounds a bit restrictive unless, of course, it expands as the blood flow increases...

Yes. Yes it sure does.

Because after all, it is used to MEASURE the blood flow and determine levels of arousal. Therefore it does expand. Considerably.

They use it to determine "progress" for porn flicks and male response in general to stimuli.

Hah--In The Little General...

Well...you've been quite the little globe trotter!

2 nites here then i'm driving back to oregon with my daughter who drove her car here for a few weeks visit -- had a friend coming this way but would have to go back alone ......she'll be in here senior year at reed college in portland

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