Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

early to bed, early to rise...

..well, this am i got the second part--outta bed before 5 -- why? you might well ask and my reply is, early brings more advantages than worms :) -- i may not have gone worming yet but i have eaten, glanced at the paper, cleaned up some left over debris from yesterday aaand caught up on email and its not even 7:30 yet -- it staggers the mind to think how much more i can accomplish with the rest of the day, assuming i can stay awake :) -- and then tonight, even earlier to bed, leading to ... -- you get the idea -- if i continue this action long enough, i believe i'll be able to wake up to the new day before even going to bed the night before...

have a good one, you guys i sense a fresh breeze blowing down the street :)
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