Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

thought for today -- 7 days?...

..consider the week, appears to be a cyclical element, M,T,W,T,F,S,S
then start over with M,T,...--but why 7 days, why not 5, 6 or 8?--a day
i can relate to, it cycles once as the earth rotates, has some basis in
observable phenomena; and if sunrise, noon and sunset isn't quite
enough accuracy in time telling for men (and later, of course,
women) of commerce, then chopping it up into agreed upon units
(hours, mins, secs) seems reasonable, though i'm not sure there is a solid reason for 24 hours/day (why not 10 or 20, did we once have
6 digits per hand and foot?)--sure 24 divides 360 degrees, but so do
10 and 20--well, whatever, it might well have been a committee
"opinion" and therefore completely without any basis in
demonstrable fact; but i was talking about the week--the year
naturally relating to sesonal changes brought on by revolution
about the sun--now the day length and the year length are not
inherently related so the length of day does not divide the length of
year evenly but why would it be expected to? besides, if it did, we'd
lose the excitement generated by leap years, leap centuries and
leap millenia (or whatever)--so back to the 7 day week; ok ok "god"
rested on the 7th day, but not every "god"--so we have a
universally recognized time unit based on one myth? well, i've
reached the point where one day is pretty much like another, the
week of 7 saturdays, as someone else has noted; so, it really
doesn't matter to me ('cept it's a little embarassing at times to have
to stop and figure out what day it is)--but to those who "live" for the
weekend, how would a 5 day week be--still keeping the sacred 2
day weekend, of course? it would work out to 73 complete
weeks/year ('cept for those odd leap things) -- so, ok there might be
a few bugs to work out, but, hey, give it some thought -- if the times
really have been a-changin', how 'bout changing the way we keep
track of time's trail... ;-)

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