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when the lights went out...again...

..ok, so they didn't actually go out for me down here in southern NJ but they sure did for a whole bunch of you guys, like clemidia in MI, where i guess they may still be out -- but i was affected, nonetheless, (by the plight of those directly affected, ofcourse) because Jeff and his g/f had been visiting from New Haven and being on their way back by train, were 'let off' at a NJ station, not too far from where they boarded. Seems the trains were not going into NYC, where they would have changed to the New Haven train. So a phone call home, brought me to their rescue, picking them up and driving to CT (and back again) -- i am,however, surprisingly rested after about 2 1/2 hours sleep --

i hope power has now been restored to those of you who lost it and that you all have a Fine Friday and an even finer weekend; after all, who could be more deserving than YOU?

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