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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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up and running...

..so all the 'puter parts have been rearranged and hooked back up and things seem much roomier -- drilled holes between cabinet sections so cabeling is neatly out of sight -- i feel so much better with the equipment arranged this way--shoulda bit the bullet long ago and straightened out the mess--the thing about messes is they just don't clear up by themselves; i know that, i knew that, but when there's always something more interesting to do....priority setting has often caused me problems--but i'm working on getting better at it--i should finish up now; clean up the wood shavings put the rest of the things away that i had to move...maybe even vacume -- hmmmm...well maybe after coffee

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Ahhhh it is nice to have a comfy location when communicating... and a good cup of joe doesnt hurt either. :)

I have a question Ed.....What kind of digital camera do you have?

hi vickie--i have a fuji-3800

getting a new camera? ;-)

Ed.....That's the one we were looking at last night!

So, now here's another question.....is it user friendly?

Oops.....forgot.....one more question.....you know the last icon you had.....what I called the 'Sexy Ed' icon? Would you send me that picture? I love that picture.

yes! i really like it -- has a nice comfortable feel and controls are conveniently located -- i love the 6to1 optical zoom (+some more digital) -- you can get pretty good 8x10 prints -- only real drawback is the fuckin' lens cap--always flopping off--i keep meaning to get a plastic friction cap but haven't gotten around to it yet -- kinda eats up AA batts so you'll need NiMH rechargables -- good luck, whatever you decide to get :)

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