Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

to clean or not to clean...

..i've been playing around with w/c here in my 'cubicle' this morning with the 'puter up and running, waiting for something exciting to happen...a lot like waiting and watching for the water to boil--i know it will eventually -- so i got to thinking: this place has become a bit of a mess and this might just be the day to do something about it -- i think i should begin by rearranging...this of course, means some sitting and thinking (which i've done) so now comes the actual moving of stuff: first on the list is printers; they are encroaching on my keyboarding space, one on a make-shift shelf above my left shoulder (a temporary solution that has remained in place 6 months) and the other down by my left knee; they must go--i attribute the recurring pain on my left side to unconscious shying away from their claustrophobic presence -- the logical location is in an alcove now occupied by files; this means relocating the files...i guess i just have to throw out some junk first -- am i going in circles? hmmmm

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