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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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misty morning meander...

did i mention i'm fond of alliteration (encouraged, no doubt, by my reading of dean koontz, a witty wordsmith with alliterative tendencies) -- well, anyway, i was out and about earlier today and captured pix showing some of the results of a damper than usual spring/summer in nj

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I love love love the third one.. !

thanks, tam, me too -- i thought about seating a wee fairy on the "shelf" ...

Lovely photos. Fried mushrooms with bacon and eggs, mmmmm. . .

thanks -- sounds like a really tastey treat :)

OH my!
It looks like fine lace dollies layed on top!
Maybe they are going to morning mass...;)

the 3rd one reminds me of honey I shrunk the kids.

hah! yeah, i thought about putting a wee person under there -- may still fiddle around with the idea

Wow..what a lucky find. I just love mushies.

thanks...they pop up around here whenever it's been wet for a while -- always wonder if they were good to eat but i know from nothing about wild 'shrooms

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