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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

so...the dogs will have to pretty damn determined to break on through to the other side, now...

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heh! guess that would show they're pretty damn determined :)

i like the old one better. ;p

yeah me too, tanya, in fact, i wanted to make the whole fence deal that way; it was very laborious to construct and didn't hold up well to the weather; so expediency wins out again ;-)

aw- i realy like the old one.

(please note that i'm not always very practical.)

yeah, thanks, i like the old one too but sometimes practicality wins out :-)

break on through to the other side?

Am I the only one who detected the irony of yet another Doors' song here?

Despite your master-craftsman abilities, I too, see a poetic crooked stile measure in the old gate.

Or, maybe I like how you shoot photos...

Re: break on through to the other side?

heh! yeah, i thought door was pretty close to gate, you clever person, you -- i've heard it said: it takes a crooked man to use a crooked stile...

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