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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..it's hot and muggy; i went out to pick something up at a store and forgot my wallet; treated myself to a bag of heath bites (candy) and its half gone already; i don't feel like doin' shit; all i wanna do is eat junk and wait for the day to pass....

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I'm anxious too. Do what you need to calm your nerves. Not wanting to do anything is part of the "waiting" process. *hugs*

I'm here if you need me. *comfort*

thanks, mel, i appreciate that thought :)

I think to be honest with you Ed...that you deserve to eat the candy, the whole goddamn bag if you please and do nothing. Because you are the most motivated and hardworking person I have met in a while..always doing fun things, different things, but getting up early and drinking your coffee and preparing to face a beautiful day.

Thats admirable.

thanks, gina, for your support -- i just spoke with w and she's doing fine, if a bit groggy; scheduled to leave hospital on schedule so i feel much better now (but am still working on the bag o candy :)

thanks, melly, you know how much that hug means :) -- you're a gem

Nothing wrong with eating junk and waiting for the day to pass!

I have felt the same all day. I just want to crawl under the covers.

sorry you're having a bad one too, vickie -- just when things were seeming all ok for me....wham! i got kicked in the head from an unexpected quarter -- im ready for the covers myself!

ah...mid summer anxiousness...well dear, you are in good company here.

Hah! Now I don't feel so alone, pull up a chair and don't do shit! I been sleeping every chance I get this past muggy, wet, foggy, week...hey, pass the candy! ~P

heh! gotta be quicker'n that--i finished the candy last night :)

Heath Bites, huh?


*evil laugh from evil woman*


yeah, i was just introduced to them recently by a good friend, and then when i was in the store....damn if a bag didn't just jump off the shelf at me....really!

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