Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

good morning!

hello again, lovely folk...so, now i'm caught up on comments and email and face being out of puter time......well, not puter time but connection time; remember i
set up m's puter last week? well, now we have to duke it out over connection time since we're on aol ... grrrrrr -- and she had 4 whole days to surf around while i was gone...hmmmph

jenn's off and about but left kosmo here to 'play' with peanut; fortunately to 2 pups get along; am i dog sitting? yes, i think so....

but now i'm a bit nervous about the gate on the backyard; it's needed repair/replacing for some time.....this might just be the day; 2 determined dogs acting with a plan could no doubt make good an escape; that i don't need -- better start working up a gate design...yup
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