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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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tempus fugit...

..yup it does, sometimes--eg, when you're havin' fun or when you find yourself all of a sudden with so much to do and so little time--unlike when you're just waiting and waiting form some special event, like a kid at christmas, or in prison awaiting your release date, then time juuuuussssst drraaaaagggggs on foreeeeeeeeveeeeeer ... so, as albert cleverly noticed, it is a relative thing

today i have much to do and should not be here doing this but breaks are also important...and honest, when i finish this cuppa coffee, i will return to my 'list of things to do today' (even though the list is just in my head)

jenn arrives from portland for a visit soon and then i will slow down and to some fun father/daughter things--and she's bringing her new dog...wonder how peanut will accept that??


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ed ed buzzzy beeee... =)

heh!! bzzzzz....

new morning, great day -- buzzin off to find that special flower :)

did you find your flower? =)

For some, Christmas comes once a year--for still others, we're lucky if it comes once a lifetime.

The truly fortunate, however, are recipients of the great cuming. Heh.

Have fun wih Jenn and enjoy the remainder of your week. I suspect you've earned it.

yes, thank you...i intend to ;-)

Hope you and your daughter have a nice visit.

thanks lisa, no doubt we will ;-)

Hope to see some pics. My daughter has moved in & it goes well. Tonight she set up a wonderland, & shot about 100 photos in my living room for a University assignment. I'm so glad she felt so inspired to flow so happily here:-)

that's great, col -- would loved to have been a fly on the wall, watchin' the 2 of you play together :)

Ed .. what does tempus fugit mean? Are you singing Opera??? ;-) hehe!

hahah me an' opera, that's rich

actually i belive the correct translation should be: time? fuk it! hahah

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