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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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happy days are here again...

..yes it is true the heater project has run the course and hot water once again is available at the faucets of the ed-house

how many remember photos of guys and their hot rods from the 50/60s-- ed and his new hot water heater:
even though it might appear so, no i did not piss my pants :)

and within a short time of snaping this pic, i was luxuriating in a nice hot shower -- ah the simple pleasures that become so much more important when they have been absent for a couple of days...

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Hey.....you got it installed.......congrats.....and you aren't in a boat......thats a good thing.....

hah! yes a very good thing indeed :) -- but no matter how long i think these things are going to take, it's always more; aw well, maybe each time i keep getting slower

heh! that's me, mr spunk -- and now that i know how to do it, the next time will be a snap (but with a little luck, there won't be a new w heater in my future for a long time :)


i was lookin for a 'car pic' from my misspent youth to juxtapose, but couldn't afford the time it would take to locate :-)

do you remember a tv show that ran late in the afternoon, kinda of a soap opera but about teen surfers and hot rodders???

..the theme is certainly familiar :) -- but i can't pull up any details -- now you'll have me racking my brain all day...

Re: surfers/hot rodders

I would come home from school to watch it. Must have been on 3:30, 4:00.

Re: surfers/hot rodders

grrr.... i've been googling for a half hour and still cant come up with anything even close

Re: surfers/hot rodders

Me, too.

I will cal one of my sisters tonight.

Must have been pretty obscure and short-run. Or maybe my mind looking back remembers something rather significant and important which in truth was not.

significant and important which in truth was not...

..yes! the mind are a peculiar beast and so often darts off in wild flights of fancy leaving me far behind....but i'd hate to lose it completely 'cause once in a while it bears fruit -- i hope your sisters are a font of trivia :)

ah the simple pleasures that become so much more important when they have been absent for a couple of days...

Or, the less simple when they have been missing forever?

Loving the Hot Rod look, Ed.


Lookin' for Mr. Goodrod,

..well, martha, now that you've brought the subject up, i've been playing around with .... the idea of using the cylinder shell of the old water heater, adding 3 or 4 wheels, a small engine and a pair of tandem seats; finish it off with 2 or 10 coats of metal-flake lacquer in candy-apple red, a wind-screen from a 1917 indian (maybe add a large pair of fuzzy dice) and an aahuuugah horn salvaged from an original asbury park wicker ped-o-mobile used on the boardwalk from 1897 to 1936 (long before anyone even dreamed of the stone pony)--the details aren't worked out yet, but that's a comcept sketch -- whaduyasay, wanna come along for a ride?

Re: Hot Rod look...

Oh, yeahh.

The Ride.

cool thing about doing things yourself (ohter than the money bit) is that you get it done the way ya want -- or if you don't then you can always go hire somebody to do it right ;-)

now you can go with the flow.....of hot water! (I hate plumbing projects)

I hate plumbing projects

ha! yeah, me too and electric; if possible i put them off and put them off

would you believe i have a tub faucet that's needed a new washer for about 3 or 4 weeks -- but that's not pressing so can be put off, whereas the hot water thing...now that was a pressing prob :)

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