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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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no, i'm not procrastinating...

..the new HW heater is still in the wagon and the old one is still pretty much in place -- but, as any good tactician will tell you (if suitably prompted) it's always best to take time to study the situation before comitting the troop(s)

it is today, clear and dry and not yet hellishly hot so the signs are good for an attack on the installation at any moment -- the stars report that god is on our side and right will prevail -- now if the reporters will excuse me i will return to the strategy session...stay tuned...but remember what is oft said regarding loose lips, tight is right...

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Zips it shut! I won't crack under torture :-)

..haha, good for you, a real trooper :)

lol.....I think u should let it sit another day. Let the thing think it has won...and then surprise it in the am.

hah! a man after me own heart -- i like your thinking :)

OK, here's what I got out of this little PRESS conference:

1) troop thru whether suited up or not
B) dry is--GOOD?!
3) an installation takes a village--er--an army? eesh...
@) God IS on our side--and he's packin' heat...
*) loose lips oft conceal hidden treasures
F) the right IS tight, but the action's on the left

Just another imbedded reporter,
the humpster

UPDATE: for immediate release...

..to avoid further accusations of giving false and/or confusing disinformation, let us be perfectly frank in this followup:

1a. due to unspecified temperature increases, suits of any and all types are to be abandoned
1b. sudden temperature rises often lead to wetter conditions but this is welcomed by one who is ready
2c. installation will be at a time and place previously planned but will not be disclosed at this time
2* time has been built in to accomodate bitter enemy resistance
D1. his staff will be a comfort to those in need
Ed. that which was previously concealed will at last be exposed
3e. being am std screws, righty is tighty and lefty is lucy
4f. the new model tank (see soon to be released photo) will rest on a faux marbel base

there being no questions at this time, you may all return to your previous activity...

Re: UPDATE: for immediate release...



Who said nobody has questions? And, tanks for the mammaries, too.

*dashes off for a cold shower--whether hot-water heater is installed or not*

Juicy Lucy

i'm sorry madam reporter, if you'll refer to the 4th page of your official invitation (reverse side, small print, lower left corner), you may read (if you have good eyesight) that questions were to have been submitted 2 days prior to the official invitation; none haveing been received, no time has been alloted

please exit throught the doors on the right side of the room where you will find crackers and skim milk for your enjoyment ... oh and one other thing, contrary to what some of you may have heard (or not heard), mr hope will not be making an appearance but does indeed send his thanks...

one other thing...cold showers will not help in all circumstances

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