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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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morning drama...

..as some of you know, i rarely remember dreams--this morning i had the tail end, at least, of a dream (nay, nightmare :) etched into my waking mind--i found myself back in the classroom again, but it wasn't an art room; the kids, around middle school age, were in a regular classroom (maybe i was substituting for another teacher? i dunno) with hats and coats on, school bags packed and sitting in rows at their desks, ready to leave for the day, i guess--all of a sudden they got up and began to move around, talking and playing grabass games and being a general disturbance, when they were supposed to be sitting quietly, awaiting dismissal--at this point, i yelled out to them, "put your things down and sit!!"--apparently i yelled loudly enough for the sound to rise above their din and they again returned to their seats.....but it was also loud enough to wake me (and, i gather, from the report, anyone else who might have been sleeping in the house :)--fortunately, peanut the wonder dog, was the only other one sleeping and since she was already lying down, she must have figured the command to be either, superfluous, or not applying to her--the kids did, however, dutifully return to their seats--i might add, i have been out of the classroom over 5 years...

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whoa...dude....what did you smoke last night? LOL

now i'm really beginning to wonder, lisa!

i thought i'd replyed to this already: "not me, i'm the clean and sober one, for today at least" -- but maybe i used the email option by mistake?? well, whatever, i might need more coffee ;-)

awwwwwwww, I was kidding fella. kudos for sobrity
I'll have six months Aug4

Sorry to hear about that disturbing dream Ed.

thanks, col -- yeah, a little flashback from hell - hahahah whoa!

You were back in a learning environment, possibly feeling vulnerable, but able to grab control of the situation before it ate you alive. Then, you took command and had an awakening.

That's a good thing. ESPECIALLY if you've ever stood in front of a group of middle-schoolers and faced "the Monster". YOU know what I'm talking about. I have the scars, too.

Possibly very indicative of where your life is right now. Anything parallel to this situation in your real life, Ed?

At least you weren't:
1) wandering school halls unable to find where you were supposed to be before being late
2) doing the above in your nightgown
3) doing the above NAKED

But, about that nightgown. How about posting a picture of yourself in it? Now, the naked one...heh.

At least you weren't...

..1,2 & 3 were not in this particular adventure but may well have been part of another nightmare

the naked one that might be more than the world is ready for...

Re: At least you weren't...

Fuck the world.

It's all about me.


sounds like my day at work!!

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