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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the wed that would be a mon

..the newspaper was in a plastic wrap, open, tossed into a puddle = wet paper, aol is having mail problems (i want my email!), the pilot was out on the water heater--relit, is out again (water is not hot) so now i have to dick around with the water heater--we're out of fresh fruit--and already a local squal is brewing--i feel indigestion coming on and i haven't even eaten yet! put 2 bags of clothing on step for purple-heart collection and now it's raining--that is all for now...

oh! good morning :)

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Feel Better, Sweetums!

Imagine--LJ working and nothing ELSE is?

Who'da thunk it?

LMAO today...on this hump day.

Re:Who'da thunk it...

..who indeed -- well, looks like mail and aim are up again

the day, btw, got much better 'bout a half hour ago :)

Re: Who'da thunk it...

Zat zo?

What happened?

Glad to hear your day got better! I couldn't get connected to AIM until about 9:00 this morning.

yeah, me too, wonder what the trouble was and why...

sounds like ya should have pulled the sheets back over your head this morning. Hope ya have a better afternoon!

thanks vinnie; yes, things did brighten up :)

Um, good morning Ed. Sorry this is a bit late, this is the first opportunity I've had to look at my friend's posts since early this morning ;-) Hope the indigestion amounted to nothing. . .

heh, the indigestion was just a figure of speech to indicate discomfort with the day in general -- but things improved :)

cute icon

Here I am...late and stuff...
sorry about the poo poo Wed. Morning.
I tis Friday now....have a good weekend dear!

thanks lisa, you too

been havin trouble gettin up in the mornin, sunshine? i'm thinking of a couple of "pullin the covers back around me" shots you posted lately :)

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