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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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all gone...

..i think--really came dumping down for a while--so, no need to water the growies tonight :) -- do heavy rains like that drown out the mosquitos? heh! fat chance, just gives em some delightful new breeding grounds -- i think if you listen real close in swampy areas, that wee 2 cycle modulated bizz buzz is those evil fuckers going at it...just breedin' away (so you say, 'he needs a biology refresher course' .....ok :)

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Nope...you don't need no stinkin' refresher course. You hit that nail on the head!!! Pesky bastards! *swats at imaginary skeeters*

Breeding on Yer MInd?

Love your choice of music.

Into big bands, Ed?

big bands, little bands, swing bands, jug bands,
rock bands, rubber bands, string bands, gyrl bands,
blues bands, irish bands, jazz bands, jam bands,
brass bands, polka bands, pipe bands, live bands...

ahh the list goes on

Re: choice of music

That make you some kinda band aid then?


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