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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

..just a little slow starting this morning--8:30 and only now having the first cup of the day--and it seems a nice day--did not roll out of the rack till 8 and now i feel like i missed a good part of the day with the early coolness--but otoh, i must've needed some extra sack time--m was long gone when i finally woke; i say finally 'cause i can recall groggily listening to the alarm sounding what seemed like a lotta times and being slapped on its snooze bar; never could understand that way of getting outta bed...

so now it's 45 mins later--after a memorable imterruption--and i think its time for cup #2 and something to break the fast--hope you all have a good day :)

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I'm soon to become an early morning person

and I'm hoping my night owl-ness will not effect it. In order for me to do what I'm going to need to do, and get Mason off to school, my entire schedule is about to change. I'm afraid I'm going to be the "snooze bar slapper" you described up above. I don't want to become that. I would love to be able to get up, on my own, first sound of alarm, refreshed, bushy tailed, ready to start the day. However am I going to function that early in the morning?

Re: I'm soon to become an early morning person

..oh mel! you better start the change over now and get some practice in before school starts--you know, 'early to bed, early to rise'...i don't think, 'late to bed, early to rise' can work for an extended period -- unless you can work a nap into your schedule ;-) -- good luck

Re: I'm soon to become an early morning person

I don't think naps are allowed here at work ;)

Maybe you could start a service of "morning wake up calls". ;)

heh! i did my wake up call duty when the kids were in high school--that was more than enough for me--always amazed me how they could leap outta bed 5 mins before they had to leave and fly out the door but be so drag-ass when asked to do something :)

Rolled out of the rack, eh?

Funny--I rolled over on one this morning...*rimshot*

Yukking it up in the Hand-Job State,

dear martha,
perhaps you can help with a question posed by many (at least 1) of your readers: is it true that the governor is expected to sign into law a 13 week extension to the state benefits package for out-of-work hand-jobbers?

Ooh! Good one, BABAY. Pass the red tape and pork barrel--it's gonna be a hot time in the ol' Capitol tonite...

Anxiously waiting to be pressed into service and take one for the corps,
Martha With Opposable Thumbs

always had a fondness for 'posable thunbs -- what's your favorite pose, martha, if i may be so bold?


The one where I stick in my thumb and pull out a banana and two plums?--wait--put a thumb in your bum?--um--let me think on this a bit...

..thumb talent you've got there ;-)


When will you hear that we truly have a boink book in us?!

shhhhh...yes...i believe i hear our joint venture coming now...


No need to quiet down; I hear it from 600 miles away!

Same page--same book even, as you say.

Now, if I could only get you to massage my binding...

are you saying, then, it is only the binding rather than the entire medium which is in need of massage?

Oh God--YES!

Pour me into a glass. I'm yours...

You can be my bridge over troubled water; all three rivers' worth--feel free to start at either end. No toll. You can be my Gyro.


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