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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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morning muse...

I was out watering the growies today in the relatively cool early morning air. The humidity seemed low as well as the temperature and the somewhat dry leftover night air felt tingly on my skin. I was paying attention to the general configuration of the land and what was both growing in it as well as the objects placed on it. The flat planting area for the veggie garden has risin from the formerly north sloping tilt of the yard in that area, as I've added compost and fill soil over the years. This part of the design along with the curvelinear boundary which is composed or flat paving block stacked to form a low wall, was the major configuring element of the growing terraform composition. The curving boundary was dictated by the shadow line of a mature maple to the south as the sun makes it's daily trek. With the southern edge of the veggie garden thus determined, coupled with the propensity of trees to continue their growth upward, the need arose for periodic pruning of the tree top every few years. This pruning has helped to tree to develop a nice full, pleasing shape while ensuring needed sunlight for the veggies. Each decision results in consequences. But, seemingly random occurances also have consequences and both effect the developing future. There are now three holly trees growing in that corner of the yard, not by my initial decision. Perhaps birds, in going about their birdy business, deposited the holly seeds, or maybe they arrived by other natural means, wind, squirrel, or some youthful slingshot marksman. However their initial planting, I found it pleasing and have encouraged their growth with compost, regular watering and shaping. Thinking about these things this morning as I walked around applying water to the growies, brought to mind again how seemingly random and, at first blush, almost trivial events can have such far reaching consequences in our lives. Two people meet and pass on with little more than a nod or a relationship is permitted to develop which will dramatically alter the rest of their lives and perhaps touch the life of everyone near them. The often referenced butterfly effect brought home to a very personal level, how rewarding it can be when the fates toss a holly seed or a new friendship in your direction. I think this is another good day to be alive. I had a good time this morning and as L Welk used to say, "...hope you had a good time too."

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What a great morning post... a real "feel" . :) Thanks... now... back to baking my Lasagna.

mmmmmmm i've worked up an appitite and i love lasagna :)

you are so special ed ed.. :)

thanks tammy, so are you -- must be what brought us together :)

oh ca-ca.

I'm late.

Happy Birthday!

thank you! better late than not at all :)

it makes me feel like such a doodoo-head.
hope it was all good.

What epiphany can result from such serendipitous events, no?

Now that you've gotten past first blush, Morning Muse, then--are you?--blushing? Have you heard the Siren's song? Do you join with a well-placed harmony?

So poetic. So symbolic. So you.

Considering a name change,

Re: OK, Walt Whitman:

dear e-piph,
your future looks bright as the stars will shine on you, bringing much harmony and maybe even dancing in the streets
m muse

Re: OK, Walt Whitman:

I think I like your horoscopes better.

Left wet and wailing/waking in the wild,

Re:Left wet and wailing/waking in the wild,

i love the way this rolls off the tongue....what's it from?

Re: Left wet and wailing/waking in the wild,

Divine inspiration. I wrote it--and while wonderfully inspired.

Tonguing from Michigan,

Re: Left wet and wailing/waking in the wild,

my dear epiph, your mastery of the verbal painting continues to amaze and delight me -- hopefully this is a wip; the dangling comma would indicate there's more to come ;-)...

Re: Left wet and wailing/waking in the wild,

Well then the only guarantee I can make is that there IS more to cum...as long as I continue to be inspired.

Heh. ;Þ

That did sound like a lovley morning. I So want a garden.
Do you think many folks here know who L Welk is?
I remember watching the show all the time....and then Hee Haw...hmmmmmmm, odd combo.

think many folks here know who L Welk is

..heh! probably not too many, guess we can turn off the bubble machine ;-)

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