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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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on the road again...

..well almost--as we can all see, did not get going at 7am but shooting for 8--we'll just have to see :-)--heading for western mass to visit relatives who have taken to living in arizona much of the time, but are back to visit the east for a short while--be good to each other while i'm gone, and do a lot of deep breathing (if necessary, wear your air filtration mask :)--hopefully i'll be in still breathable air in the berkshire mts--be back sunday night...bye

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I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous, relaxing time....

you sure deserve it.

the berkshires are great!


thanks gina; we had a pretty good time, mary visited with her cuz and the husband and i worked on their house addition; kinda separate but equal visiting -- the scenery is beautiful; have some pix coming...

Oooo have fun! In all my years living in MA, I only went out west once-- to pick a friend up from her college. I prefer the east coast just because of the ocean-- which, unfortunately, I was only able to see from the plane this last trip.

thanks; we did -- yeah i like w mass -- have a cabin near amherst (not quite the berkshires, but close enuf :)

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