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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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another step...

..on the road to being away from the web for 2-3 days -- the pooch has been taken to the local doggie hotel, where she was greeted with much hoopla and barkola -- do you think dogs wonder why we take them places and go away for days at a time; do they think they're being punished in jail or rewarded in a posh resort; another of life's little mysteries -- the rainyness of the day is preventing me from cutting the 'lawn' so by the time we return, it will be a blight on the neighborhood; i wonder if neighbors will be standing about with evil stares, arms folded in a language of disgust and tension as we pull into the driveway -- should probably plan to sneak in after dark sunday night...

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turned out to be unnecessary but a fine idea none-the-less

Well, as our tourist ploy says in our fair state:

"Cum in to Michigan - You Don't Think We're Shaped Like a Hand for No Reason, Do YOU?"

(Should I write tourist propaganda for Florida, too, ya think?)

Re:propaganda for Florida

..absolutely--you'd be a natural at it ;) -- and while on the subject, nj makes a nice profile as well -- come to nj, for the gigantic head...

Re: propaganda for Florida


You DON'T say? Hmm, I've been in Joisey and never seen any head. Wherefore art this head then? ;Þ

Pointing in other directions I guess,

Re: propaganda for Florida

heh, you have to look at the state map outline :)

Re: propaganda for Florida

Well, I gathered THAT, kiddo!

So, Mr. Joisey--gimme some head...

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