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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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another step...

..on the road to being away from the web for 2-3 days -- the pooch has been taken to the local doggie hotel, where she was greeted with much hoopla and barkola -- do you think dogs wonder why we take them places and go away for days at a time; do they think they're being punished in jail or rewarded in a posh resort; another of life's little mysteries -- the rainyness of the day is preventing me from cutting the 'lawn' so by the time we return, it will be a blight on the neighborhood; i wonder if neighbors will be standing about with evil stares, arms folded in a language of disgust and tension as we pull into the driveway -- should probably plan to sneak in after dark sunday night...

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i love 'barkola'. i might use it sometime, if you don't mind.

heee--you are hereby granted unlimited, non-exclusive rights to the use of the word 'barkola' in any way you deem fit ;-)

They will be armed with torches, sticks and carrying nooses, evil faces lit in the glow of the angry fires.

Best to hide out in Michigan until the fervor blows over.

turned out to be unnecessary but a fine idea none-the-less

Well, as our tourist ploy says in our fair state:

"Cum in to Michigan - You Don't Think We're Shaped Like a Hand for No Reason, Do YOU?"

(Should I write tourist propaganda for Florida, too, ya think?)

Re:propaganda for Florida

..absolutely--you'd be a natural at it ;) -- and while on the subject, nj makes a nice profile as well -- come to nj, for the gigantic head...

Re: propaganda for Florida


You DON'T say? Hmm, I've been in Joisey and never seen any head. Wherefore art this head then? ;Þ

Pointing in other directions I guess,

Re: propaganda for Florida

heh, you have to look at the state map outline :)

Re: propaganda for Florida

Well, I gathered THAT, kiddo!

So, Mr. Joisey--gimme some head...

heh, i'm so behind -- went to visit relative types in berkshires; pix to follow (hopefully)

thanks, lisa; we did -- got back last night

Every time we take our dog to doggie day care he is so excited... until he realizes we are leaving him there. Then he pouts.

ours loves the car ride -- sorta drags her heals when she realizes where we've arrived -- but cheers up when she hears all her "friends" barking their 'hellos' or whatever :) plus, she's always glad to see us and be taken back home agair...

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