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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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thors day...

..up and about and not too much to say except GOOD MORNING -- guess i typed myself out in responding to others' posts -- and i promised i would always update my own lj first -- so not good at resolutions! well, one more special post, then back to the off/line world -- be back later...

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Morning. Happy Thursday ;-)

ya know, col, i sometimes ask myself the same thing: where the fuck have i been? there are days that go by with so little to show that i was even awake -- i guess i get so wrapped up one thing that all else ceases to exist, then if that one thing is a washout, it seems like i've been lost in time to the point where i might as well have been asleep the whole time

why don't you d/l yahoo's im (sent info to treeoflife) then we could type in real time...

Ed I'm on as pearlwhiterainbow

Come young man:-)

Come see my new post at artinnudity. You won't believe it. :-)

aaagggaahh -- i can't find it! maybe just for artinnudity friends only?

Yeah it is in Friends Filter. COME see!

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