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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..this day is flying by -- did some minimal house maintenance; played with the pooch, drove to drug store, ritz (128meg mem for cam :), and finally got to local cemetary that dates back about 150 years of so for some pix -- must check now to see what i got, specters perhaps? one never knows...

would also like to actually begin on a new trike project instead of just staring off into space and thinking about it :) -- planning 2 wheels on back this time and hopefully lower center of gravity...

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to see your cemetery pictures! I'm so happy that you got to go. Makes me all "beamy" inside!

PS-You really have been busy, when I've been able to get on messenger (which hasn't been lots lately with no DSL and problems with messenger) you haven't been there. Maybe one day we'll get to hook up for a good 'ole chat again very soon!

another chat or 2 (or a 100) would be nice, mel -- am about to work on pix now -- shot a few more in the yard that might prove interesting

I like that "100" bit as a minimum! ;)

Ooh! You are blessing me with the joys of your photography. Also adore the "Ed's View" perspective!


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