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jersey shore merchants, huksters and vacationers of all ilk...

..i trust the 4th of julie weather meets or exceeds your expectations, the 3 hs (hazy, hot, humid) being perfect for beach goer, and a/c restaurateur and shop-keeper alike -- for those of us hangin' in the 'hood doing the annual 4th grass cutting thing...eh! another day for the hum of a/c to drown out beebuzz and b-ball bounce -- fire up those bbqs matey, i'll have a burger and some chips, maybe a little slaw (i'm jumping the gun a bit, p'rhaps later in the day...

the wonder dog gets quite pissy at the sounds of fireworks, so i've already taken her on a morning trike/run in hopes she'll sleep right thru any ka-booms and ka-bams -- you'd think if the 135db racket from 37 neighborhood lawnmowers all firing off at the same time (plus the assorted weed whackers, pnuematic "rakes" and assorted vegetation trimmers didn't bother her, a few fire crackers wouldn't either, but, of course, you'd be mistaken -- 2 years ago it was, in fact, that this usually mild mannered, never bites, goes overboard in the hand licking area, pooch did become so agitated by the ongoing explosions that she lunged at another animal (some tiny yip-hound furball) and in fact draw blood -- i still believe she thought the peculiar critter was a large rat that had somehow invaded the neighborhood and took it upon herself to discourage it's staying where it wasn't wanted -- the silly looking woman who was being led around by the wee beastie was, somewhat understandably, in a state of panic due to the critters leap up into her arms, displaying a drop of blood on it's white fur -- mary, who had only moments ago, held peanut's leash, was attempting to rise from the ground where she had unceremoniously landed when peanut had launched herself, pulling mary over and yanking the leash from her hand (this time she did not break her ankles but did wound her dignity and scrape her arm and for months afterward refuse to walk that "wild dog of yours") -- so, if you're still with me, you may understand why i'm interested in keeping peanut in a state of suspended animation for the next day or so -- all you u.s. types out there have a safe holiday and be careful to not step on any incendiary devices :-)

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