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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

is it really thursday already? i seem to be missing days lately -- am i having too much fun? or not enough sleep? was going to post a 4part pic in self-portraits yesterday but wore out and never got to it; went off to dreamland instead! so that can be 1st on todays list of ttd -- but i haven't planned beyond that yet, must wake up first :)

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hey, good morning to you, lisa -- such as it is -- pretty soggy where you are? was just pouring here but has let up some

Morning Ed. Hehe, you're sounding like me. I frequently lose Wednesdays for some reason ;-) Look forward to the self portraits. Have a great day.

eh...part of it all is not really knowing what day it is unless i check some source

i know, just week just flew by! (but you: you are indeed having too much fun! :D give some of your fun to me please! ) eheh

perhaps you're right; i should cut back a little and send some of the extra to you, tam.....but i don't have a snail-mail adrs :((

..i already checked, yup it's thurs -- but merely knowing that hasn't made a big difference :)

you're the busy one, mel; i've been here every day (i think :)

but i guess i've been doing more responding than posting -- maybe i can change that ;-)


If this is Thursday then it must be--New Jersey?

*wanders off in a dream-like haze*

*dodges cars on the turnpike*

*waits for the water meter-reader* heh

it is indeed thursday and before friday the 4th of july as well, so you can just bet your booty that there is a haze over the nj turnpike, accompanied by rising temperatures as well as digits -- but i have no idea what happened to the water meter reader

Well, watch for him; he prefers guys, I hear...;Þ

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