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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

happy day to you -- another morning watering the garden--'pears hazy hot and humid will be the special of the day -- crank up the a/c and listen to the electric meter spin -- off on the morning school run catchya later...

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Morning Ed, petal. Hope your day is a good one.

hey! now i can see myself as a brightly colored leaf of the corolla of a lj flower

*grins* The guys are usually petal and the gurlies are flower :-)

hmmm...i must be missing the reference (not unusual :) -- i think of pistil, stamen, petal, etc as parts of flower; so maybe i'm being too literal?? but anyway--a flower by another name...

*grins* Too literal ;-) I don't know why I call people that, I always have done. It's an 'English' thing I think ;-) In Scotland a female would be 'Hen' and a bloke would be 'Jimmy'. There's nowt so queer as folk :-)

hey... its my watering day to. ;)

could use a little rain already ;-)

Who we are is revealed in the landscape of our faces. With photography, we become the ambassador to the sovereign territory of the soul.

Let the pear's juices run down our arms while we embrace the sunlight and bask in love's glow, forever young.

ooooh, the lady waxes lyrical -- can it be? i seem to be a pitted shrubber by my craggy, overgrown topography

and then there's the last line: about embracing the running juices of forever young love while basking nekky in the sun....whoooot

Nekky? I mentioned nekky?

(You don't mind if I borrow your Whoot for a while do, you? LMAO)

..perhaps i merely imagined, but be that as it may, you're more than welcome to make use of my whooty...hehee, lmao as well :)

Eh--pass the donuts, too, M'Kay?

Happy day to you Ed! Hot and humid here as well. I've taken refuge in the coldest room of the house, my bedroom, to hibernate. I can stand a day of reading with the laptop next to me for breaks. The electric meter is spinning out of control here!

hiding from the sun in the bedroom cave; cool! -- hope you laid in plenty of munchies :)

Don't water too much, you might get some of Hurricane Bill's left overs. We are.

yeah, i'm hoping, lisa -- looking pretty overcast and breeze kickin' up -- be fun to have some exciting weather ;-)

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