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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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where's the water?

there was a lot of noise and light and i think maybe even some rain, but not much--so i shut down the pc op and tried to watch a vid with mary--but the ol' heavy eyelids forced me to "rest my eyes" for a sec--and then it was after 1am; so i brushed my teeth and went to bed--checking outside this morning, 'neath a very overcast sky, the garden looks dry; so where'd the water go? there just couldn't have been very much! so now, do i water or wait 'cause the sky says it's gonna rain today? i dunno...decisions, even little ones can be such a problem at times--so here i am, 'puter reconnected, coffee cup (almost empty now) by my side--and i'm asking myself what occurred to me, as my eyelids began to exert their power last night, am i switching roles with the 'puter? has the pc which moved in with it's unassuming neutral balck and grey exterior, soothing hum and enticing manner, the machine which i thought of as a tool, an extension of me, begun to take over so that i am pushed into the role as extension of the 'puter? silly, i know; it is not a sentient being, this is not a stephen king novel; any role reversal is in my own mind--so, i can just flick the switch and, wala! it is once again an extension of me--but, there is the matter of compulsive behavior and the fact that instead of taking the hose out to the garden, i came in here and fired up the 'puter--but as compulsive folk are wont to say, i can quit anytime...

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the modern world - rains and computers.

we had a lovely surprise rain last night and it was short but the sounds were wonderful after a sweltering week without rain.

and the computer can both fill up the day and fill up your life in both good and bad ways.

I look forward to getting the house more settled and leave this room more and sit and read and listen to music with the dog resting her head in my lap.
I need to find a good armchair for my little Edwardian fantasy of a house.

absolutly. any time.

but (assuming that you didn't NEED it for work or whathaveyou) would you really want to give it up? i think there would definatly be a pro/con list involved.

have you read Natural-Born Cyborgs? it's upstairs and i'm too lazy to go check the author, but thus far it's very good. once i've finished it, i'll do a full book commercial.

heee -- yeah, right :)

Natural-Born Cyborgs -- no i haven't but googled it and would like to -- checked my local library and they don't have it...yet (i'll have to give then the ol' what-for)

Being tethered to any machine is a hell all onto itself, isn't it? But, on the other hand, sometimes the connections are special--and rare--and worth it?

It's over-cast here, too. May the sun shine in your world today, Ed.

Peeking out from behind a cloud,
martha on a good day

special--and rare--and worth it...

..martha, you sure got that one right :)

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...



Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

as somebody or other once said: unto everything there is a season...

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

And if we are naked and shameless in the sun and glistening with the dew of a thousand budding yearnings, then would it not be the summer of love declared? And would we not hold that to ourselves with wonder and gratitude so richly that it moves the heart to tears that flow freely, trickling and cleansing all of our humanity?

Because such a season can arrive without warning nor preparation, yet change life's direction, forever.

The question is, will it be nurtured and grasped or set free to never know roots and blow aimlessly throughout time, a spent seed of no purpose?

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

..i love the way you write, so much tucked with great care into so few words...

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

Thank you.

Let me know if it touches you.

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

yes it does...actually your words touched my some time ago :)

Re: special--and rare--and worth it...

:) Want more touching?

..do you come from one of those "laying on of hands" religious groups?

Re: proselytizing...

No, but feel free to worship me.

..if you're a true prophet, speak the truths and heal me with your hands :)

(censored for the sake of the Innocent)

"I can quit anytime..."


i LOVE your icon. it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and those vampire books written by that 16 year old.

make it yourself?

I wish I'd made it. I found it on the internet. I don't remember where. I LOVE Alice In Wonderland!

here i am!

but the water had to come from the hose today :( -- no more rains :(

It is odd, isn't it. In spite of all the rain we had, things have dried up a bit...in just a week.

it is odd! i watered the veg garden yesterday and it needs a drink already and of course we're on the odd/even watering system

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