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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good morning lbj

..yes i gave into the impulse--why would his spirit care, he was always a parody of himself anyway, too bad he didn't stick to domestic issues--gawd, what a wasted collection or life and times--i scare myself a little when thoughts like that pop into my head, uninvited--i wonder what significance it can have, is it a punchline to a dream i don't recall having--is there someway i can carry a recording device in my dreams, something that will help me recall enough of the details that i can then piece things together again, even a dreamversion note pad--i'm going to concentrate on notetaking when i next prepare for sleep--laugh, go ahead--it's very frustrating to be unable to relive dreams especially when you know they must be there somewhere, hiding just out of reach--if it was just one of those fucked up dream/nightmares like lbj running around in a loin cloth chasing the nations young men with a big stick and yelling yi-ha get along little buckaroos, go out there and kill for the greater glory of some fucked up theory about checkers or something, well, no loss forgetting that--but if it's a dream worth saving, of a lover and love and crying out to the stars when the emotion is so sweet and wave after wave is lapping at your feet and looking all the way to the horizon, your love and you don't see a cloud in the sky, well that just might be worth remembering into the waking hours--so yeah, i've got to start trying to implement this notebook device...

but in the meantime, happy last friday of june all you grand and glorious lj folks--may you all have some special wish come true this weekend and remember that every time you smile, your body releases happy chemicals that make you feel better--notice the next time you see someone with a big shit-eatin' grin draped all over their face, that person is taking an active part in the 'feeling great' part of their life at that moment ;-) -- don't you want to feel good too?

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Re: lapping and waves

hmmmph...i don't remember, was there romance in that movie??

down on jack with the ship, you think? come on jack, there's not much time...

*gasp and gurgle* :-P

Re: lapping and waves

Yeah, well, the chemistry was weird between Kate and Leo, despite the romantic underpinnings of the plot. (Heh--I said underpinnings...)

I kept thinking while watching, if an artist was as hot for me and I for him as these characters allegedly were, there'd be some definite bodily fluids mixed in with the charcoals used in drawing her portrait.

How'd they manage to keep their hands off each other? I'd be fucking like a rabbit...

..are they little devices pressed into use when a bra strap snaps or one of the panty thongs breaks?

Good God--I HOPE not.

Always has her underpinnings in perfect "order", thanks,
satin and lacely yours

*smiles with sense of relief*

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