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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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it's hot in here--but if i go outside where it's cooler, i will be attacked by swarms of mosquitos--it's way too early to escape into slumberland--*druming fingers on desk*--i think i see ice cream in my immediate future, in fact i know i do, 'cause i bought some earlier this evening :) -- i'm going to make the first bite a humongous one and freeze my whole mouth! ahh the simple (minded) pleasures...oh! i think i'll just seeya all in the morning, goodnight lj (are you ever tempted to put a b between the l and j?)

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1. eat dill pickles. Mosquitoes don't like it when it sweats through your pores.
2. If you eat jalapeno pepper flavored ice cream really fast, do you get a brain freeze and burn? ;) hehe

jalapeno pepper flavored ice cream

yuk, now there's an idea whose time, i hope, never comes :)

See? That's why you had obscene loin-cloth dreams!

Enjoy the freeze. And, bite me.

i did enjoy the freeze; now come over here ;-)

two suggestions...1st: Take a dryer fabric softner sheet and rub it on your skin. I just learned of this one. 2nd: and my favorite...make a cobination of (cheap) mint flavored mouth wash and lemon scented dish soap...put it in a water (hose) type sprayer...spray the whole yard with it...trees, bushes, plants grass, furnature. It will not harm the insects, just runs them out for up to 8 hours. I do this just before an outdoor party. Works great.

the things ya learn on lj

hey, thanks vinnie i'll have to give those 2 a try!

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