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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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losing my balance?

..though there have been a few interruptions, it's taken me 3 hours to feel caught up with lj -- and that's still not as much as i would like to have done -- imma gonna hafta to something differently....!!????!! but now i'm going out to play...

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Yeah, you play with yourself, Ed.

Clean towels on the way out...*snicker*

(P.S. Love the icon--is that Peanut? Too cute...)

i do get lonely sometimes--perhaps you might want to come over and play with me :)

how 'bout if i just wag my tail?

That works.

Should I bring my frisbee? Or, the whipped cream?

Garter belt/stockings, too?

I need your address.

i love when dogs get down like that.

yeah! it's so much their signal to play and they recognize when the strange bipedal dogs get down with the same signal :)

well, tanya, if you have a kitty, it can be your challenge to train hir :)

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