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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good morning world

another slow start to the day -- moving through the air is like moving through syrup (or so i imagine it would be); breathing, the air does indeed seem a little thicker; summertime heat and humidity have arrived in nj -- this is a time when the body, in a vain attempt to maintain a healthy body temp, issues great quantities of sweat to facilitate cooling by evaporation, but alas, the air is already super-saturated with everybody else's sweat, exhale vapor, and steam from all the various city sources, not to mention the discharge from birds flying about spewing indiscriminately and a gazillion other sources equally unsavory--said sweat, therefore, unable to leap into the air and be wafted away, as the plan called for, just hangs on the body like some saline slime from a long ago sea; expect that in a short while, a nasty greenish tinge will begin to show on the body--yuck! time for another shower already...

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This reply (I don't think) has anything to do

what your post, but I need to put it somewhere. Is it weird that when I was out last night, amongst all those people, that I was kind of lonely and while I felt out of place, just knew I didn't "belong" there and much rather would have stayed home in my "comfort zone"?
I know, I'm weird.

Re: This reply (I don't think) has anything to do

awww melly, you can post anything you want anywhere in my lj, it's just good to "see" from you :) -- and you're certainly not weird as far as i'm concerned, i too love my "comfort zone" with all my toys gathered round me :-) and i find crowds very uncomfortable (not as much as i used too, though) and crowds plus a noisy environment are the worst of all; where it's next to impossible to carry on a conversation without much effort; what the hell is relaxing or enjoyable with that? *WARMHUGS* back to you mel and happy thursday :)

Wow. Nice visuals. Get ready for rain; it's headed your way.

Have you ever seen the green on polar bears' fur at the zoo? It's actually mold from the water they swim in. So, if you have body "fur" you may want to shave today...

Hope you find some relief. ;Þ

Only has green EYES,
the hummster

..yikes! you haven't been playing with the polar bears have you?

Re: has green EYES...

Only the wolverines in bags...


Re: has green EYES...

please be careful, wendy, i've heard wolverines have sharp teeth...

Re: has green EYES...

Kiss it better?

Re: has green EYES...

mmmmuwah! all better now? ;-)

"moving through the air is like moving through syrup"
you paint such a vision of even an ordinary day

thanks, jenn, i certainly value what you have to say about words and writing ;-)

awwww, you put too much credit in my hands...thank you...*blush*

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