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good morning world

another slow start to the day -- moving through the air is like moving through syrup (or so i imagine it would be); breathing, the air does indeed seem a little thicker; summertime heat and humidity have arrived in nj -- this is a time when the body, in a vain attempt to maintain a healthy body temp, issues great quantities of sweat to facilitate cooling by evaporation, but alas, the air is already super-saturated with everybody else's sweat, exhale vapor, and steam from all the various city sources, not to mention the discharge from birds flying about spewing indiscriminately and a gazillion other sources equally unsavory--said sweat, therefore, unable to leap into the air and be wafted away, as the plan called for, just hangs on the body like some saline slime from a long ago sea; expect that in a short while, a nasty greenish tinge will begin to show on the body--yuck! time for another shower already...
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