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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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groggy in the morning

..yup i'm a little heavy headed today--kinda like a sponge in my head has sucked up some thick liquid...sulush sulush...and the eyelids are kinda heavy and why i ask myself am i not still in bed? 'cause you woke up and that's that another part replies, have another cuppa coffee--this internal dialog is ok...as long as i keep the pacing and verbalizing to a minimum, i think

it was uncomfortably warm and close in here last night and now it's comfortably cool--i greatly prefer comfortably cool and wish i could motivate myself to get to doing something--one thing i'll have to soon be doing in this time slot is giving the garden a drink; all that rain and now to have to start watering...?? and then too i never finished edging the grass along the driveway and walks and since i do this with a spade, that's something which should be accomplished now in these early cool hours, or wash the car before the sun begins to brutally beat down; and then too there's the carpet stains which didn't quite get cleaned up after peanut went prnacing through the living room with muddy feet a couple of weeks ago--yup there's lots that later on i'll be sorry i didn't do now while the air is comfortable...but i'm still lethargic, sluggish, slug like, slow moving--i think i need a shower, that's it a nice wake me up shower...either that or curl up somewhere and go back to sleep

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Morning Ed! *wills some zip and sparkle across the pond to you!

yes! thanks to you i'm sure, some zippity doo dah did come my way -- and a good thing it did -- i'm beginning to feel a bit like the headless chicken :)


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Um, sorry for my Monty python humour ;-/

eh, stick a coconut on it's neck, it'll never know the diff

tuck me up with you. I need some sleep too!

yes yes, of course you do :) -- time to tuck lil' col in for her nappy bye ;-)

*needs zip and sparkle too*

I slept off and on last night, but more than normal. Believe it or not, I feel GREAT but could use a few more hours of nightnight. *HUGS* Enjoy a cup of coffee on me K? *HUGS*

Re: *needs zip and sparkle too*

thanks for the coffee, mel -- keep in mind the best hours of the nighthight are on the front end -- early to bed, early to rise... ;-)

there are surely days where bed seems the more inviting choice for the day....

but I think it sounds fun to edge the driveway and walks...and do all sorts of fun things in the nice hot weather (waitaminute what the f^$k am I thinking?!)
Well...either way...good good morning and hope the cool hours, if any...are good to you.
I like peanut...do you have pictures? Anyhow...

hope this letter does not find you sluggish still...or maybe being sluggish isnt such a bad feeling when the world has no fuckin clue if it wants to be hot or cold and rainy.
ugh-rambled enough.
good tidings of air conditioning....

..haven't gotten to the edging yet! but i have been running about--killed some time renewing driver lic at good ol' njdmv :(

here's the peanut: makes a fairly large lap dog :)

Re: nice hot weather ...

lol...talk about oxymoron...

i am in love with peanut. it's official.

Re: nice hot weather ...

peanut sends you her love :)

yes here name is a bit inappropriate, i used to feel silly calling for her to come but i've grown accustomed -- she's really jenn's dog, or was until she went off to school at reed in oregon -- jenn was around 13 when we got peanut for her; she'd seen a movie with a "cute little chihuahua named peanut" so that's what she wanted for a dog -- the idea of some little yipping rat-dog living with us was just not acceptable, so a 'compromise' was struck, she could keep the name ;-) -- actually the full name is 'creamy peanut butter the 3rd' heheee

Re: nice hot weather ...

Uhm, Ed.....what breed is Peanut "the lap dog"? I have a big, fat Beagle that the kids call....."Fat, single & ready to mingle"!

Re: nice hot weather ...

peanut, the wonder dog, is a standard poodle but has fortunately never been introduced to the idea of a foo-foo cut circus dog :-)

Re: nice hot weather ...

No, No.....don't ever give her a foo-foo cut!

Re: nice hot weather ...

My God--she's HUGE!

My little kitty would be miniscule in comparison. And, probably get eaten in the process.

He just fits nicely in my bosom when I snuggle him. I wish they'd stay this little; snuggling is such a plus...

Re: nice hot weather ...

yes you're right she is big for her size, i've been trying to break her in as a trike dog--and though she's not a particularly violent dog, you probably wouldn't want your little kitty running loose around peanut--and yes snuggling is always a plus

Re: nice hot weather ...

Don't let your big bad Peanis Peanut get my widdle uh--kitty?

There could be fireworks.

Re: nice hot weather ...

"..in the summertime, when all the trees and leaves are green and the red bird sings.." and the fireworks go -- have no fear, your kitty will be perfectly safe, trust me ;-)

Re: nice hot weather ...


*rubs against your legs*

Re: nice hot weather ...

nice kitty -- come sit in my lap

Re: nice hot weather ...

*settles down for along summer's nap*

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