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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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on the road...sorta--

..i have found myself at the county library with some time on my hands -- waiting with no real library need as m does some research -- so, since i once had (i had to renew it) an account in their technolory lab, i thought what better way to speed the clock along than by seeing what's happening with you guys -- so here i am for probably the next 30-60 mins :)

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well of course, i have just the close work librarian to satisfy your needs, however the board of directors does not allow binding of any sort in the reading rooms -- if your interest lies in bindings and other restraints, you might want to visit the how-to interactive restraint exhibit down in the basement


What's with you and the "boards" lately? Got a wood fixation or something?

Still bound in Michigan,
Martha Fuckin' Stewart

dear martha, i can understand your discomfort in hearing about boards all the time in light of your own difficulties but i feel it is part of my job description to further the myth among the common folk that boards of directors do in fact run the country so that they won't be inclined to look for the real power (the lord master, emperor--shhh)

My Dear Good Man: (and aren't those hard to find? har-har)

Everyone knows *haughty attitude* that we ALL work for the insurance companies. And, for the record, my very dear man, I am HARDLY a "commoner". *ahem*

AND, for the record, not only is the world NOT run by the lord master emperor, it is run by the PRINCESS Supreme and you would do well to worship her ON YOUR KNEES if you know what is GOOD for you. (And for YOU.)

That being said, you may redeem yourself for this grievous oversight by sending money to my home in New England since I will need it for smokes and candy bars soon--and a little something-something, if you know what I mean. I like it hard and rough--and with a Herbal aftertaste. It's a good thing--a Damned Good Thing®.

Tossing the salad big time now,
Martha Fuckin' Stewart™

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