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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..i didn't wake up till almost 8 this morning--i haven't slept that late in a long time--my sleep pattern (lack of pattern is more like it) seems to be getting more erratic--perhaps too many things sloshing around in my head that just won't be pushed out; i think i need a brain enema, a thorough flushing out of accumulated shit that's been blocking me up for a long time---a great big whoooshhhhh--i think i like that image :)

i spent over a half hour pulling weeds from the veggie garden when i first got going this morning, the air was nice and cool as a slight breeze wafted over me, barefoot wearing just shorts; the dew soaked grass bathed my feet, the hands of the earth herself giving a gentle massage as i moved about--i felt very relaxed and peaceful as i pulled the offensive weeds and i imagined the veggie plants smiling and growing stronger as i yanked and threw away the little annoying bits of nasty growth that have the ability to completely take over if allowed to grow--and then i thought of all the weeds i've allowed to take root in my head and some have grown there so long they have very deep roots and have to be removed slowly and carefully so as to not disturb the desired healthy plants...

i think i want to be a mind weeder when i grow up :-) -- have a good one, lj

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I like the idea of a brain enema....wow....what a visual!

You would definitely be a fabulous mind weeder....start over. It's never too late. You know that....only...you sounds like youre having way too much fun now!

enjoy the weather!!

i shoulda known you'd like that image, gina :) -- i wonder if i can overload on fun and if i did, what would it be like?

I can just see the veggie plants with their happy little faces too, all cheering as the enemy are fought back.
Sounds like you need some weed killer for your poor head, a little dose each day until the nasties have all gone ;-)

heh, weed killer, that's a good one :) -- but i garden organically to avoid the evil chemicals so i think i need to carry this over into my head and just pluck, pluck, pluck out the nasties

Oh, you need some organic weed killer like WOW (tm) or Organic Intercepter (tm) but not certain that would be good for human weeds ;-) so maybe it is just a case of plucking away at the nasties ;-)

"my sleep pattern seems to be getting more erratic" Gosh darnit, I thought you typed more EROTIC. ;)
I noticed you weren't awake this morning bright and early, and I was happy for you. Well deserved sleep in I'd say!
Aww....to be outside right now....barephoot....well...I'm half way there already! *HUGS*

..heh, i wonder if i erotic might have been a more apt choice ;-)

i'm a-guessin' you're at work already; work fast, take off early and get in some barefootin' time--look for me, i'll be the one with the dirty feet :)

Hmm.....eroticism in the garden, I think I like might like that idea!

now vickie, you've started me thinking how nice it might be, when the tomatos ripen (heh, they're not even to the blossom stage yet), to sit in the garden on a nice stary night with some wonderful friends and talk and pick a tomato from time to time to devour as a group feed, passing from friend to friend with juice drenched hands...

Calm down Ed, those tomato's won't be ripe for awhile yet!

RE: i think i want to be a mind weeder when i grow up

Internal fung-shui
Yes! Me too.

now there's a thought worth pursuing...i once read a book on fung-shui but found it entirely too esoteric...i just was not capable of understanding the basic precepts -- maybe a sign of my too-western mind :)

I'm weeding your mind, and I am wondering why you are dwelling on kama suma?

Do you give lessons or something?

dwelling on kama suma?

..no, i live here in exotic nj not some pacific rim island; however there have been some local reports of volcanic eruptions recently

Re: dwelling on kama suma?

Spewing wisdom at an unusually early hour, eh?


Re: dwelling on kama suma?

eh, a veritable font of wisdom :)

Re: dwelling on kama suma?

So...make me a Wise Guy, too?

I'll just wait over here in this little trunk and gnaw on a cannoli while you decide.

I love the way you described weeding the garden....

thanks lisa :) -- yup pulling the damn old weeds is important for the new growth to have a better chance and it is an ongoing task...

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