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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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yes it is monday--i just verified this by gliding the mouse over the time readout on this page; but it was confirmed in yet another way by my losing to a bit player, a former version of this morning update! fuck! i hate it when the 'puter demons strike so early; it does not bode well--but this will be a day i smile and flip the bird to the fates; perhaps what i first typed was stupid and inconsequential, as this may be, but heh, i've been given a second chance; first coffee (a stale muddy liquid from last night) has been slugged down and my fingers are waking--i have yet to pick up the morning paper which is the usual way i find out what day it is (this necessitated resorting to the earlier mentioned mouse glide); it's always good to be aware of the day incase of some unforseen accident (aren't they all) and being asked, as i return to consiousness, "ed, do you know what day it is?" sorta like the motherly admonishion to 'wear clean underware'--this (not picking up the paper yet) might call into question my degree of disassociation; i have, in fact, increased to several weeks now, the time in which i have not taken the time to read the daily paper--is this because i have become further cynical in my trust of reporting, or have i perhaps already had my annual helping of reports on how and how many citizens have been murdered, raped, kidnapped or otherwise brutalized since last edition--maybe none of the above and i am merely busy with other matters and have chosen to let the world take care of itself for a while without the help my becoming informed on 'selected items of interest' (to whom?) might lend to the world's well being; yeah--so, i was delighted to note the sunrise earlier, in that the sun is actually visible today and my plants can begin to recover from a case of SAD--if you are reading this, then i will have judged the gate which directs my ordered bits out into cyberland or down the electron toilet to have relented and allowed me to get on with my day of mindless tasks interspersed with moments of creativity and joy--m doesn't return from her visit at the shore till later this afternoon so i should go take advantage of this period of unfettered life--i will, of course, carry the cordless phone with me at all times so as not to miss any "important phone calls"--you may all carry on. . .oh! and have a good one :-)

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your monday is sounding much like a sunday actually.
have a relaxing day...and YAY...the sun is out here too!!!!

yes! it does, doesn't it? ;-) -- i've moved to the land where the week is 7 sundays in a row, followed by another week of the same...sometimes it just makes me want to jump and shout...wheeeee

Re: much like a sunday

meh....I don't work...so every day is the weekend....

What's wrong with reporters with style? *snicker*

After all, how else would you know your horoscope and other earth-shattering things?!

Here's mine for today:
The Stars direct your efforts along useful channels. Production secrets are handy in unintended ways. The only people with the power to stop you are those that would never dream of doing so.

Yay for "shunshine"; we have it here, too. ;Þ

Well, off to get porked. Heh.

hey your ownself! you be careful with that getting porked business; wouldn't want it to lead to porcine behavior ;-) -- this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, first little piggy had roast beef, but the second little piggy got porked all day long ;-)

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