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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the hours dwindly by....1 oclock...3 oclock...

so, i am here, where are you ;everybody else (well, not everybody) is off doing fun things i bet -- i think i will go sit in the corner for a while -- too bad i dont have some pie...

actually since we got back from the "errands", it's gotten amazingly brighter outside -- could the sun be returning to nj? -- i think i should go out and investigate the phenomenon -- maybe pull a few weeds, play chase the toy with the pooch, spread some cow turds, hide in the bushes...all kinds of possibilities -- seeya later

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Just may...
I see I missed you again!
This time I was on the front porch, talking on the cordless to my daughter. (Posted pics of me and them... for you to see who I refer to 99% of the time.) ;)
I am glad that at least I can see messages you leave. I like that feature with the IM. I am getting more comfortable with them now - in how to use them well.
Think I take a bath... boy it got hot out here today!
Then.... relax for the evening.

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