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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the hours dwindly by....1 oclock...3 oclock...

so, i am here, where are you ;everybody else (well, not everybody) is off doing fun things i bet -- i think i will go sit in the corner for a while -- too bad i dont have some pie...

actually since we got back from the "errands", it's gotten amazingly brighter outside -- could the sun be returning to nj? -- i think i should go out and investigate the phenomenon -- maybe pull a few weeds, play chase the toy with the pooch, spread some cow turds, hide in the bushes...all kinds of possibilities -- seeya later

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hey gwen! hi hi -- just back from the garden on the way to see about some dinner :)

you'll no doubt be pleased to hear i finally got around to watching zulu last night -- m declined noting 'violence' but she was off and away so it seemed like a good time; no one to point out all the shouting, gun shots and random epithets though, so i had to really concentrate to find all the mahem on my own ;-) -- so yeah, it was a pretty good flick, if a little dated in it's rendering of death and gore -- was certainly an amazing tale, 'specially the zulu salute as they prepared to leave for home; don't know enough to know whether to believe that part or not; warfare is so fucked anyway it's not too unbelievable that one "team" would salute the victors as brave warriors instead of just slinking off to lick their own wounds--it's hard to understand the continuation of such barbarism into modern times--how can it be that one person or a small group can say, "you, you, and you go out and kill for me" and it happens--how can there be people that can not only live with their hideous plans but actually feel good about helping some poor deranged individual into strapping explosive to hirself and marching off for the greater glory of some fuck who's just as sick as they are but thru some quirk of fate wound up with so much power---heh! i dunno, would such power corrupt even the likes of me :) -- the only thing that makes it all barely understandable is to realize that mental illness is not restricted to just those poor creatures who have no wealth/power; craziness is apparently indiscriminate in who and when it strikes...........eh, how'd i get off on that? :)

I was wondering if you had managed to see Zulu, and I'm pleased you finally have. You are right in that it is a little dated in many ways, and if it was being filmed today it would certainly have a different 'feel' to it. I somehow think they couldn't improve on the original. The cinematography, the style of acting and the actors themselves have made the film what it is. There is no doubt that a little 'embelishing' was made of the original tale, although the main facts are correct. The Zulus have always been much admired and respected as a great people and brave warriors. Whether they actually 'saluted' their enemy, I couldn't say. Probably not, or perhaps if it did take place it was misinterpreted.

I agree entirely on your views about the whole war/terrorism situation we have today. I don't understand the mind of anyone who carries out attrocities in the name of their 'cause', particularly terrorists who bomb indescriminately, often killing their own people. Having lived in Northern Ireland I have first hand knowledge of being bombed in a store, filled with people of all persuasions, going about their everyday business. Twice this happened to me within the 9 months that I was pregnant with my youngest. I was lucky, but so many weren't. Irish men, women and children killed and mained by their countrymen. It begs disbelief.
I could witter on for ages about this, but I won't ;-)

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