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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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all alone by the telephone....

..yeah, well that's just ducky with me -- back safe and sound (physically anyway) from the land of the unwashed uneducated and sometimes drooling and teeth gnashing masses -- had a 'grazing dinner' -- now m is off to some mutual survival society meeting with a friend -- speaking of which friend, when i carried m's survival kit to the car for her and opened the door, i was greeted with 'hi, my name is j_____' and i said to this early twenties good looking woman, 'hi j_____, i'm ed' -- nothing severly tongue tied about me -- but i was thinking, this is an unusual friend matchup -- then, waiting for m to hobble over, i commented that it was a nice looking car, what make is it?' and j_____ being as nimble tongued as me replied, 'i really don't know, it's my daughter's car' -- and i just stared at her; my face might have been a bit slack-jawed, but my knees held tight, i did not fall over -- but i truely did not know what to say -- then i was saved by m's arrival -- and off they drove -- now, either this woman gave birth when she was maybe 5 or 6 years old (i know, highly unlikely) or she has some remarkable genes that science should look into -- there is another possibility i can hear some of you thinking: she was just pulling your leg (huh, i wish) -- i may never know! i will, of course, question m on her return -- 'course there's still a possibility that she might have been made privy to any joking going on...

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Legally in UK a female could become a mother at 16 years of age, and many do. Her child could become a parent at 16 years of age, making the 'mother' a grandmother at the ripe old age of 32. Then baby no. 2 could become a parent at 16, making the original mother a great grannie at 48, and so on. . .I find that idea scary.

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<i>Legally</i> in UK a female could become a mother at 16 years of age, and many do. Her child could become a parent at 16 years of age, making the 'mother' a <i>grandmother</i> at the ripe old age of 32. Then baby no. 2 could become a parent at 16, making the original mother a great grannie at 48, and so on. . .I find that idea scary.

<img src="http://community.the-underdogs.org/smiley/happy/pump.gif"</img>

yup it is scary; babies having babies...

what is a grazing dinner?

in this sense, i'm not sure if it's just a family usage or more widespread -- but in either case, with you now, the usage will have spread by at least one -- so...you're no doubt familar with cattle, sheep and the like kinda moseying around nibbling a bit of grass here and there...so a grazing dinner is everybody for themself, grabing a chunk of cheese, cup of soup, pb&j sandwich, carrot, whatever, and just continuing in this fashion till they've been sufficiently fed :-)

I'm educated and washed--even smell good, but the teeth-gnashing is DEFINITELY me (especially after tonight; want details?). No comment on the drooling. ;Þ

Uh--didn't she know how to read the car type from the vehicle? And, she's a teacher?

Oh--sorry, my early school employee experience must be showing...

Checks her fuckin' attitude,
hump her

the incredible disappearing day (redux)

this is where i was 6 hours ago -- and in a better mood...grrrr (*checks his humpometer*)--needle seems to be not moving at all...

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

*gets out the extension cords and weed-whip*

Maybe it needs trimming.

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

..hmmm i think i'll just mark that down in my planner and have it looked at later

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

Do you Live by the Planner, too?

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

heh! lived by the planner, heh and double heh; i've never even thought about having a planner :)

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

"Hello, Sir. I'm here to tell you about The Plan. It will change your life forever. Are you interested in knowing about The Plan? Because I have The Plan for you. If I could only have 10 minutes of your Time, I would be Glad to tell You The Plan..."

*clasps hands beseechingly*

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

you don't happen to be a member of the church of the indefatigable and omnipotent Holy Log, do you? if so, one of your sisters was here last week with some proselytizing and attempted to persuade me that the only way to be saved was to cut off the 'false log' as a sign of devotion to the one and only True Log of Happiness but rover here was able to show her a thing or 2 about logs--i think she was a bit taken by surprise, so to speak, but left with a smile on her face

well, no, of course you wouldn't be involved with such a wiggy cult -- so, tell me about your Plan

Re: the incredible disappearing day (redux)

Well, sir, MY Plan has to do with the worship of all that we know that is pink and soft and when you hear about tit, you will never want to return to the Old Ways.

It will set you free and free your soul, but it's like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll--it's magic and will make you feel groovy. Like holding hands with someone special in an old-time movie.

If you will let me come in, I promise I will share the Bounty, which includes this set of Ginsu love knives for cutting cheese--you will truly see Gouda and it is the Cheese that binds us, brother.

May your heart embrace the concept?

Lot's of possibilities... huh?
Perhaps cosmetic surgury?
hold on to your purse strings...
if that is the case,
maybe wifey will want to have it done too!

I sure would and will!
When the barn needs painting...
it will be painted!


When the barn needs painting...

..heh! i got a better lit look at j____ when they returned and in the house lighting, i could see i might have guessed late 20s instead of early, but still....whoot! as far as any reconstruction, iiiii don't think so -- and i dont have to worry about m getting the bug, she's not into cutting and bleeding or putting "unhealthful" stuff into her system

so, you will be going under the knife when the time's right, huh? i'm very curious about what you look like...planning ahead like that makes me think you're very attractive now and would like to stay that way...any truth to that? well, whatever, maralena, you're definitely a beautiful, sweet person on the inside; i'm very glad the fates bumped us into each other :)

Re: When the barn needs painting...

hoho! I don't know about that! ;)

If I had an extra $300-$500 to throw around right now... you would never guess what I would have done in a heart beat! "Cosmetic Surgery Wise"!

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