Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

all alone by the telephone....

..yeah, well that's just ducky with me -- back safe and sound (physically anyway) from the land of the unwashed uneducated and sometimes drooling and teeth gnashing masses -- had a 'grazing dinner' -- now m is off to some mutual survival society meeting with a friend -- speaking of which friend, when i carried m's survival kit to the car for her and opened the door, i was greeted with 'hi, my name is j_____' and i said to this early twenties good looking woman, 'hi j_____, i'm ed' -- nothing severly tongue tied about me -- but i was thinking, this is an unusual friend matchup -- then, waiting for m to hobble over, i commented that it was a nice looking car, what make is it?' and j_____ being as nimble tongued as me replied, 'i really don't know, it's my daughter's car' -- and i just stared at her; my face might have been a bit slack-jawed, but my knees held tight, i did not fall over -- but i truely did not know what to say -- then i was saved by m's arrival -- and off they drove -- now, either this woman gave birth when she was maybe 5 or 6 years old (i know, highly unlikely) or she has some remarkable genes that science should look into -- there is another possibility i can hear some of you thinking: she was just pulling your leg (huh, i wish) -- i may never know! i will, of course, question m on her return -- 'course there's still a possibility that she might have been made privy to any joking going on...
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