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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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lazy day

hah, i slept till almost 7 today -- i think my inner sleepy self is trying to tell me to get to bed earlier :) -- these 2 and 3 hour "naps" are just not cutting it as a nights sleep; heh, much surprise?

since we weren't able to finish yesterday, the teacher is keeping me at school again today :-) -- they kicked us out at 4 with still a lot of shit to put into storage -- but it will end today, i say i say for the hobbling teacher must be on her way; she's off to visit a friend for the weekend and the 'care worker' gets time off for good behavior -- yay! -- but then summer school begins in another week and i 'spose the worker bee with the sound ankles will be needed to lift and tote to help set up the room for that session -- i need to see the union rep!

the soggy garden is crying out for sunshine -- oh shiner of the golden rays, why for hath thou forsaken us -- why is it that grass and weeds thrive on lotsa rain and not much sun but the likes of tomato, cuke and bean sorta sit there like idiot cats in the rain? maybe if i gave them a shot of fish oil? (or bought a lot of gro-litesTM)

ok -- time for a bite to eat before it's time to get the bus -- happy friday all you 9 to 5ers out there in lj land -- talk to me from work; i'll be back before dark :-)...

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well such a life. Some good and some bad. Hope it is a little fun as well and laborious.

the sun with probably return with a vengeance. Lets pray for shade at the very least.

well maybe a good night sleep and a nap too! I enjoy my naps but they are to make up for long days at work...

yup, you're right, Some good and some bad...just gotta keep an eye on the balance :)

time off!! for good behaviour!?

i'd rather think of it as time off for bad behavior -- but alas, there's no one here to be bad with :(

have a great day and weekend.
yeah, the rain is just aweful....and the flowers and vegies are not happy...

lisa, you do the same -- guess we'll have to make our own sunshine ;-)


I fell asleep sometime after 6:14. *klunk* I think I need an examination--er--I mean, "head examined"--*wanders off in a dazed condition*--

Why were YOU up so late? At least I was planning my takeover of the world, and everyone knows you can't do that in the daylight hours...*snicker*

*waves from the boat*

..i wonder if that's what woke me -- now that i am up, so to speak, perhaps you would like it if i performed the examination

OK--does this look infected to you? :)

hemmmm zee looks a bit inflamed, swollen even, friction burn maybe?

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