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The Five Questions....

..these are in response to questions posed to me by tam, willowing following her request to be questioned and my submitting 5 to her:

1. Who's Ed? Who are you really?

I'm just a guy, one who's been around long enough, and even though a slow learner, has finally realized, "hey, i really don't have to do things 'their' way"; there's a great deal more to life than getting up in the morning and putting your pants on so you can go out and earn enough to keep from starving or if industrious, accumulate things. I have enough of the culture's things that i don't feel deprived. So I find myself now able to follow ideas of interest and share myself with people of importance to me.

2. What, is so good about rain?

Rain is wet. It's this fortunate property which allows rain to be such a significant part of life. But aside from the functional qualities like supplying a need to growies, and washing away the remains of yesterthings, rain also has some spiritual qualities, which feed the needs of (wo)man. One of the best ways to truely feel a connection with everything is to be naked in a rainstorm (warm summer rain is recommended :), washing your body if needed or merely sucking up the experience. There's also magic in the sights, sounds, and smells of a thunderstorm, as it first builds from a dry distant quiet to a brilliant, blustery, full blown presence and then gently recedes, leaving the air scrubbed fresh. (best not to cavort naked in a t-storm, however :)

3. What is your favourite month, and why?

Well to start with, I'm not too big on Jan, Feb or Mar in my climate; I appreciate snow for it's beauty and it's fun to play in but I'm not too big on cold, day after day. I don't like to get all bundled up in 47 layers just to be outside for a while. What can I do with all that padding on anyway? April, now, there's a hope for the sun's return, with days at a time when you can go outside in shirtsleeves and the trees begin to sprout their baby hair, bulbs pop up from the ground and there's a sense of leaving the past behind and beginning anew. May and Jun kinda continue this but it's no longer as fresh. Jul, Aug and Sep are collectively, one of the levels of Hades (I forget which one); sure there are loads of outside activities but with temp and humidity battling to see which will break 99 first (thats F and % for all you decimal types :) it's taking a needless chance to be away from air conditioning (ok, so i'm using my exaggerating license but you must get my drift). Oct and Nov are pretty cool (both senses) what with the return to livable temps and the bright rehash of all that's been going on in the natural world and Nov and Dec bring on all the gatherings of family and friends before winter's full blast hits. But you wanted me to pick one...see, it's between Apr and Oct and I think Apr has the edge because of it's promise of more to come....yup April!

4. Tell me about one piece of art that has made a profound impact on you, and why?

That's reeeally tough! I think the one I've thought about most over the years is the TWA Terminal at Kennedy Airport in NY, designed by Eero Saarinen. I love it's smooth flowing lines where floor curves seamlessly up into wall and then ceiling. Counters grow up from the floor. It makes beautiful use of the characteristics of the material, reinforced concrete and at the same time makes a statement about man soaring to greater heights; a magnificant sculpture that you can become part of by walking in and through it.

5. What do you enjoy doing most?

Designing then bringing the form to a reality that both I and others can experience. I think the medium doesn't really matter very much except in that I'm more proficient in some areas than others.

Pretty thought provoking questions, Tam. I tried my best :)

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